To provide 100,000 gifts of much needed and well earned comfort
for our deployed troops.

House Wife Mafia is partnering with Soldiers Angel to purchase
cool scarves
for our active duty military.

Our goal is to have 100,000 donated by April 1st.  
That is when the temperatures start getting over 100 degrees
over in the Middle East.

This is an item the soldiers are really asking for.

The total cost to have one shipped over there is $5 bucks.

All donations are made directly to Soldiers Angels -
a 501c3 Non Profit
started by a soldiers mother  who learned of too many deployed
military personnel needs not being met.  Many soldiers face combat with little or no
family support.  Her goal is that no soldier would go unloved.

They accept Paypal to make it super fast and easy for you.

Together we really can make a big difference with just a
small amount of effort.

We hope you will join us to show the world just what we can accomplish
when we work together!
The total cost to have
one cool scarf sent
to a soldier $5 bucks.
The Science of Gardening
Amazing!  Interactive with embedded video to make for a full service experience about farming,
gardening and plants.

Brain Pop Science
Cute animated videos that make sometimes more complicated science subjects easy to
understand.  Great for multi-age users.
Offers a W-I-D-E variety of subjects.  One of our faves.  

Science in the City
Very fun place to learn about science and animal life in urban environments.  Embedded videos.  
Good variety.

Design a Cell Phone
Great for older kids.  Will offer a nice knowledge base in engineering with this highly interactive
learning game.  This game is an animation. Also offers downloadable teachers guide.

Hit a Home Run
a game that teaches speed, angle and air resistance.

Make a Snowflake
Interactive game that teaches temperature and humidity in weather.

Science at Burning Man
Polytechnics, geology, rainbows, dust devils and more.  No worries - it's all rated 'G'.

The Science of Cooking
This is a wealth of interactives to spice up their curiosity.  

The Science of Music
This will rock your molecules!

NOVA - Watch cool science videos online.

Create a Line of Stem Cells
Interactive better for older elementary through high school depending on level.
Free printable lessons plans on this site.

Virtual Deep Brain Stimulation
Mmmoooowwwahhhhahah - they will enjoy this!
Bite Size Fun in:
Food Chains - Health & Growth -
Helping plants grow well - Keeping healthy - Life cycles -
Microorganisms - Moving & growing - Plants & animals in the local
environment - Teeth & eating - Variations
More Bite Sized Activities In:

Changing State- Characteristics of materials - Gases, liquids & solids -
Keeping Warm - Reversible & irreversible changes - Rocks & soils - Solids
& liquids
Even more Bite Sized Adventures In:

Changing circuits - Changing sounds - Circuits & conductors - Earth, Sun &
Moon - Forces in action - Friction - How we see things - Light & dark - Light
& shadows - Magnets & springs
The Mummy's Tomb
Learn about energy conservation, kinetic, and potential energy.

The Phantom's Portrait Parlor
Learn about the principles of atoms and matter.

Dracula's Library
Learn about the properties of light, waves, and particles.

The Wolf Man's Ghostly Graveyard
Learn about fuel conservation and
energy transfer.

Frankenstein's Lightning Laboratory
Learn about different forms of electricity and electrical safety.
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Mad Science - FREE KID STUFF
Learning is:  Serious Business.  Serious Fun.
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