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Financial Literacy - FREE KID STUFF
Learning is:  Serious Business.  Serious Fun.
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Fun and FREE online interactive, educational games and videos.
Quarter Explorer
Interactive online game from the US Mint.  
Offers different versions for different levels.
The Dollar Dive
A fun game from the US Mint
For grades 1-5
Design Your Own BIll
From the US Dept of Treasury
Kids Invest
From the Securities Dept.
An interactive game that teaches
about investments by playing out how
you would invest if you won the lottery
Inventor's Challenge
Race against other inventors to create
the longest lasting light bulb.
Highly interactive.
Good for middle school.
Branches of Power
Use the US Constitution to preserve democracy democracy.
This is really cute.  Kids act as 'secret agents'.
Interactive.  Reading & decision making required.
From the US Mint.
Ad Decoder
Learn what is behind the ads you see everyday.
Teaches discernment.
This is a US gov website.
Save Perry's Pennies
From the US Treasury Dept
Teaches about how to save int his fun, interactive game.
Test Your Money Memory
Interactive game matching financial images and terms
Mad Money
From PBS
Learn about how to save with this interactive game that
reinforces personal choice, responsibility and decision
Coffee Shop
Business simulation game that teaches about economics.
Kids run their own virtual business.
Cookie Tycoon
Run your own business.
Good for all ages.
Hot Shot Business
From Disney
Kids run their own business.