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Chemistry - FREE KID STUFF
Learning is:  Serious Business.  Serious Fun.
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Chemistry of Life
This is a really cute pop song-ish video about the most common elements.
It's impossible not to love this.

The Elements Song
This is the most fun way to introduce kids to the periodic table.  You'll be singing this all day!

Proton Don Game
Fun and quizz-like.  There are different ways to play.  Good site for review and reinforcement.

Chemistry for Beginners Game
Visit a scary lab in a haunted woods.  wooooooo

Stinks and Bangs
Periodic Table matching game.  8 different games.

Creative Chemistry Jigsaw Puzzles
Online interactive games - 4 different games available here.

Periodic Table and Elements Games
7 different games available for all levels

Oil Strike Game
Teaches fractional distillation

Elements Flash Cards
Great for lessons and memorization

Science Vocabulary Hangman
Lots of options here to tailor your game on all science topics

Balancing Act Game
Teaches element equations with pull down menu of possible answers

It's Elemental Game
Elements math game that teaches how many protons, electrons and neutrons in the elements
Fun and FREE online interactive, educational games and videos.

Jefferson Lab Coloring Book
Color online or download the coloring book that teaches about quarks and more.

Frostbite Theater
A fun collection of science experiment videos.

Love at First Bond {ionic bonding}
This is a too cute video about ions bonding to form salt and features two wooden spoons
dressed up.  The spoons do kiss, possibly out of wedlock, but it's still really cute and informative.

Chemistry memorization game.  Free, fun, effective.  For older kids & adults.

Chemistry Game
Similar but a bit more kid friendly.  For those who really know the basics of chemistry.
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Fun and FREE online interactive, educational games and videos.