Character Education Lessons (for grades K-5)
Discussion Questions, Writing Assignments, Student Activities, and Parent
Involvement tips for Character Education and Life Skills.
Just pick and click.    HUGE RESOURCE!
Also available in Spanish.

Strive for 5 Campaign
Challenge kids to strive for 5 acts of kindness every day!

Guess Who Game
Printable cards for kids to fill out, then everyone has to guess who that person is.
Really good way to jolt kids out of the ordinary,  look more deeply at one another
as individuals, and respect each others individuality.
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Character Education - FREE KID STUFF
Learning is:  Serious Business.  Serious Fun.
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Giving and Me
Phil the Ant teaches about philanthropy.  Really cute, lots to do here.

Smart City
Good for roughly 2nd - 5th grade.  Has different activities for different levels.Teaches
financial responsibility and some basics about money, banks, banking and saving.

Generation On
Empowers kids to make their mark on the world through service and giving.  Great tools
and ideas for kids, parents, teachers, youth group leaders and community leaders.
GREAT way to give kids hands on approach to giving locally.

Learning To Give
Over 1400 easy & effective lesson plans for k - 12.  GREAT!

Mind Your Manners Tea Party
Online game featuring Strawberry Shortcake.

Social Skills for Middle School Students
This is a vast resource for dealing with just about any kind of situation that can come up.
Great tool for kids to learn how to navigate disagreements, learn to stand up for
themselves, have good social skills, manners and more!

Table Manners Quiz
Provides the proper answer with a drop down menu.

The 10 Commandments for Good Table Manners
This is a good guide for parents.  

Shine Your Light
Printable for reinforcing acts of kindness & honoring them when you catch them being
good and doing the right thing!

Six Pillars of Character Lesson Plan Bank
For ages 4 - teen.  Lessons on trustworthiness, fairness, respect, caring, citizenship
and responsibility.  
Family Building Blocks
Huge list of conversation Starters.

Aesop's Fables
Always a goody for teaching good morals and values.
This is a very large collection, some of which have audio.  Free lessons plans available.
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Fun and FREE online interactive, educational games and videos.