Interactive Video Games with open ended questions your
child answers to direct the adventure.  
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Brain Games - FREE KID STUFF
Learning is:  Serious Business.  Serious Fun.
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A Walk in the Park
Problem solving game.  Good for multiple age groups.

Colors, Colors
A good multi age game that demonstrates how colors affect how we see words.
Has an interactive Stroop Effect experiment. k-12 game.

Neuro-Jeopardy Game
Teaches about the neuro system.  Good for 5th grade on up.
A Spanish version is also available for free.

Brain Hieroglyphics
This reminds me of a game in the old Highlights magazine, and ties in to how the
brain works with the nervous system.  Good for K -12.

Play Chess Online
This game allows you to play against a computer.
There is a short ad at the beginning but it's very short.

This offers educational games for ages 3 - 12, including flash cards and thinking
skills cames.

Critical Thinking
This offers free downloads for software demos and well worth going to.
Even though they are demos you can really get a  lot of mileage out of them.
These products have been one of our favorites with our own kids.
Lost City of Gold
This is the lite version and is completely free.
Teaches reasoning and critical thinking.

Brain Follow
Memory improvement game that is highly entertaining.

Brain Sequencer Game
Helps with spatial reasoning, fluid intelligence and problem solving.

Burger Builder
Helps build short term memory.

A game that trains the brain for logical problem solving.

Pet Mix Up
A free logic game.  Reading required.
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Fun and FREE online interactive, educational games and videos.