Albright-Knox Art Games:
This has several games and is quite fun to explore.  
There is also a low bandwidth version for slower connections.

Walker Art:
Welcome to the mother load of activities for pre-k  -adult.  You're gonna love it.
These are lesson plans - not virtual, online interactives.

Build Your Own Monster Head:
This is cute and easy to use.  Nice way to get their creativity flowing.

Portrait Detective:
For older kids.  Interactive & informative and requires reading.  This site does
a great job of engaging one to scrutinize, look deeper and discover the hidden
clues and details in traditional portraiture.

Color Test:
See if your left brain and your right brain are working together.

Color a Rangoli Pattern:
Good for a multitude of age ranges.  Fun and easy to use.

The Drawing Drawer:
A quick, easy list of thought provoking drawing activities.

Discovery Channel site with interactive music and arts activities.

Detail Detectives:
From the Getty Museum.  Very well done.

Find the differences and what has been switched in a classic work of art.

Detail Detectives:
From the Getty Museum.  Very well done.

Haring Kids:
Based on the work of artist Keith Haring, this has online interactives and over
180 lesson plans.

Easy point and click interactive with enough variety and visual interest for
older kids too.

Art Activities:
This is a link site but well worth the looky loo.

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Museum of Modern Art ~  Art Safari
Create your own artworks of animals on the computer.

MOMA - Destination Modern Art
Fun interactive site.
Encourages thinking skills & kids forming their own opinions.
Enough entertainment for several visits.
Great ideas follow up crafts at home with common materials like aluminum foil.

The Anti-Coloring Book -
Free samples to print out.  It's pretty cool.

A. Pintura: Art Detective.
Learn art history while playing detective.  Need good reading skills.

The Collage Machine -
Fun for Mom too.

Famous Paintings Art Appreciation Lessons
with printable worksheets

Create A Jackson Polllock
This is really great.   Also, better on the screen than in my kitchen,
that's all I have I have to say.

Mandala Maker  
The word "mandala" comes from Sanskrit, meaning center or circle. Designs
may vary, but all mandalas have a center and some form of symmetry, which
means balance. Use the Mandala Maker to create your very own
kaleidoscope-like design.

Mr.Picasso Head  
Yep just like it sounds.  Its a drag and drop activity.

Navajo Sand Painting
Requires java plug in.  Nice interactive.  Good for multiple ages.
Also has compatible lesson plan.

Robot Creation Station  
It says for ages 4- 6 but I can see a little older and younger kids enjoying this.

Ok - this is just too cute. Four different games to choose from and some fun
music that will entertain.  
look at the time.

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